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    Every man fantasizes about arriving at social occasions with a woman he would place on a mountain top - just to make sure people are noticing, glancing in envy, wishing they could be seen with a girl like her. There is no need - their heads have already turned. She is gorgeous, positive, refreshing, and sweet. Words flow from her mouth with elegance and intelligence. Her smile is contagious, and reveals her genuine, loving spirit. Whether you choose a private dinner with Porn Star Molly Johanssen, spending a few hours at a bar, or simply walking down the street, you will be "that guy" with "that girl". A girl like this would not be with anyone less than a prestigious man. You are that man. Claim your reward and make this fantasy a reality. Enjoy a night spent in enticement by the constant view of a perfect, 5 foot, 5 inch blonde, (in heels,) adorned with luscious 32E breasts, a tiny waist, and a great ass. A body beckoning you from underneath her tasteful attire. Your heart will beat harder as she leads you to that secret place... you two will soon be alone. The door closes. The lady you were just with is different. The pressure in the air is heavy and brings you to attention. The beauty you saw earlier radiating from the inside out has changed. You glance at her and see a sultry, seductive look in her eyes. The real date begins... ______________________________________________________________________________________ CONTACT: Once you email VIP@MollyJohanssen.com you will get an Automatic Response letting you know my utmost current information on my location and if I am available. I have 4 bookers at the moment who will help you get verified and book your date. A deposit is REQUIRED if you are booking more than 12 hours in advance, Outcalls or Exclusive Travel. More information is on my website. I book up pretty fast! TOURING: As Of November 2014, I will only be Available in Seattle, Las Vegas, New York City and San Diego. I will be making weekly features in the most voted cities. Cast your Vote now with #MollysWeeklyFeature on Twitter. If date is blank on my calendar that means I am available for an Exclusive Arrangement for a date of 2 hour plus with expenses paid. This is my far my utmost favorite type of date. Knock me out of my red bottoms! CANCELLATION POLICY: 48+ hours advance will result of your deposit being forfeited. 48 – 25 hours notice will be charged 50% of the fee, 24 or Less hour notice will be charged. 75% of the fee for the scheduled time, If notice is less than 4 hours, 100% of the fee for the scheduled time will be charged. * ALL TEXT, PHOTOS AND ANY WRITTEN MATERIAL INCLUDING MY NAME “MOLLY JOHANSSEN” ARE TRADEMARKED AND COPYRIGHTED. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING THIS CONTENT UNLESS YOU HAVE A WRITTEN AGREEMENT *
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